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The Greek sound artist Maria Papadomanolaki started the project Dalot in 2004. It evolved into a long-term and multi-collective project that draws influences from early post-rock, noise rock, abstract guitar music, drone, ambient, shoegaze, minimal electronica, experimental and electro-acoustic music. ​


Maria Papadomanolaki has released music as Dalot internationally both on record labels such as n5md, fluid-audio, Time Released Sound, Sound in Silence, Hibernate, Dronarivm, Flaming Pines as well as creating her own albums. Her music has also been featured in films, dance performances and audiovisual installations.


She has performed in the US, UK and across Europe and has collaborated with an international range of artists such as AGF, Sound Awakener, Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner), Giganta, Brock Van Wei (bvdub), Margarita Athanasiou, Port-Royal , worriedaboutsatan, Mike Cadoo (Bitcrush, Dryft, Gridlock), Giorgos Mastrokostas (Sound in Silence, absent without leave), Savva Metaxas (Granny Records) and Phil Ieropoulos (Filtig, Kasetina, Fytini). ​

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For Chania Music Festival, Maria Papadomanolaki will present parts from a new project she has been working on lately, where field recordings from the cities she has lived in over the past 15 years form the basis for an atmospheric journey through time accompanied by live electronics and piano.

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