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Hior Chronik is a Greek composer living in Berlin and a musician known for his emotive and atmospheric soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from his background in piano and classical music, Hiorʼs compositions blend elements of ambient, electronica, and modern classical genres. His music often evokes a sense of introspection and melancholy, creating immersive sonic landscapes that resonate with listeners on an emotional level.

Throughout his career, Hior Chronik has collaborated with various artists and labels, contributing to a diverse range of projects across different media. He released music for 1631 Recordings based on solo piano works and ASIP Label together with Arovane, two albums at 7K! and Kitchen Label. The other side of Hior appears to Ki Records and it's his "family" label as he used to say. He released "Descent" album 3 years ago while he joined Christian Loffler's Ensemble playing the piano. In 2022 released his second work on Ki Records with the title "Haze" and the new album “Crave for more” released on 10th May this year.

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Except of presenting his newest work (released in May 2024), Hior Chronik will also perform versions of some of his piano pieces, on Saturday 12th of October, at 21.00. 

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