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Sofi Paez is a pianist and composer born in San José, Costa Rica but now living and creating from Berlin, that started making her own compositions after her studies at the conservatory, mainly inspired by nature. She experiments with piano, voice and electronic elements in search for new ways of expression in her roots, using both the Spanish and English language. Sofi's pieces are often inspired by daily life and the nature that surrounds her. The atmosphere that her neoclassical pieces evoke is delicate and subtle – the tranquility that the sight of a beautiful landscape offers, translated into music.

In 2023 Sofi gathered widespread interest upon releasing her EP ‘Circles’, firmly putting her on the map as an artist to watch. Later in the year she was handpicked to perform at Ólafur Arnalds’s OPIA launch event - where it was announced she’d be the first signing to his OPIA label. Sofi's debut album was released in May 2024.

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As part of her Silent Stories tour, and as the only stop in Greece, Sofi Paez will play at Chania Music Festival on Saturday 12th of October at 22.00. Paez will be premiering her music and her new album (released May 2024), with her on stage, on voice and piano. 

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